Japanese Pepsi Could Actually Make You Skinnier
First there was soda, carbonated sugar water that was sure to expand your waistline. Then there was "diet" soda, which didn't add any calories to the equation but was sweetened with chemicals that may not be so great for you.
Now, in Japan, there is something called Pepsi Special. This drin…
Linkin Park Visit Japan’s Tsunami Ravaged Areas [VIDEO]
Recently Linkin Park held a benefit concert for Japan, specifically the most damaged areas from the earthquake and tsunami. The benefit was in LA where they raised $500,000 by doing a free concert for everybody who raised $500 or more for “Save The Children”. Finally during the recent Japanese leg o…
Japan Has a Hair Washing Robot [VIDEO]
Leave it to Japan to develop a hair washing robot. So far it looks like they are only using it on mannequins. It’s only a matter of time before the robots move from hair washing to human subjugation. Watch below.
Steepest Roller Coaster In The World [VIDEO]
If you are a huge roller coaster fan like me, you're going to dig the heck out of this roller coaster. It's the steepest roller coaster in the world - Takabisha. Click through to go on a ride.

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