Steepest Roller Coaster In The World [VIDEO]
If you are a huge roller coaster fan like me, you're going to dig the heck out of this roller coaster. It's the steepest roller coaster in the world - Takabisha. Click through to go on a ride.
Nuclear Boy Cartoon [VIDEO]
Its very important to talk to young children about issues that may frighten them. In Japan, they now have the story of Nuclear Boy and his poo. This is subtitled and it's kind of funny, but it might even be a nice teaching tool for your kids if you want to read the captions to them.
Maiden Japan Shirts
Want a badass shirt? Want to help the people of Japan? Well find out more after the jump.
Disaster Relief
Many of you are wondering how you can help the Japanese people, in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has struck the island nation. Here are some organizations involved in the rescue and recovery effort that you can donate to.
Massive Earthquake, Tsunami Strike Japan [VIDEO]
Hundreds have been found or are presumed dead after a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami tore through Japan's northeast coast. Some are already declaring the 8.9 magnitude quake the largest ever recorded and after-effects are expected to hit the west coast of the US, the Phillippines, Indonesia …