Website Helps Find The Cheapest Beer Prices Near You
When a website uses a giant winking keg as its spokesmodel, you know it is as good for you as it is bad for your liver. helps you find the cheapest beer near you, so you can concentrate on drinking beer instead of shopping for it.
Finally, Pizza Beer Exists
Confucius once said “Beer and pizza go together like beer and pizza.” He said it during his later years, he might have been losing his quotability by that time. Anyway, beer and a slice go so well together we’re a little surprised it’s tak…
Yuengling Is Now America’s Largest Brewery
Yuengling, a beer simply known as “lager” in parts of Pennsylvania (and some television commercials) now has two crowns to wear atop its hoppy head. It is America’s oldest brewery, something to brag about, but now it can boast to being America&CloseCurlyQu…
Dude Slams 3 Beers With No Hands in 37 Seconds [VIDEO]
When it comes to throwing down some brew, I can keep up and slam 'em down quick with the best of them. I don't think I can touch this dude though. Check him out as he slams 3 beers in 37 seconds using only his mouth...and yes, he has to open the bottles as well.

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