Shark Week is coming up on The Discovery Channel and Funny or Die took the time to mark this momentous occasion by doing a parody.  Check out this funny video called 'Shark Hangover'.

Basically, it's a knock off of 'The Hangover' which involves Dolph Lundgren trying to get his shark back instead of Tyson getting his tiger back.  I thought the video was a little cheesy, but still pretty funny.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

Using the classic "I must break you" line from the 'Rocky IV' movie, Dolph pulls off a pretty funny moment, though I personally thought his performance in 'Rocky IV' was pretty funny as well.

In any case, what did you think of 'Shark Hangover? Leave your comments below.

As far as 'Shark Week' is concerned, it begins July 31st on The Discovery Channel.

Here's the promo for that.