Sevendust are set to rock our faces off with Rock 108's Shamrock n Roll.  And, while the band has some killer songs of their own, they are no strangers to throwing down some killer covers as well.  Check out some of my favorite covers songs by Sevendust.


  • 'Hurt'

    Originally done by Nine Inch Nails, this song has been covered by several artists, including Johnny Cash. But, Cash's cover can't hold a candle to Sevendust's version of this amazing NIN song. You can find this song on Sevendust's 'Southside Double-Wide (Acoustic Live) album.  Click on the video to the left, to check out the band performing the song live in front of some of our troops.

  • 'Goin' Back To Cali'

    Several bands like Staind, Dope, Nonpoint, and other rock bands got together and rocked out some covers of popular hip hop and rap songs on the tribute album 'Take a Bite Outta Ryhme' - a CD I proudly have in my collection. In my opinion, none of the covers were as cool as Sevendust's version of 'Goin' Back To Cali'.

  • 'School's Out'

    Originally done by the great Alice Cooper, many have tried their hand at covering the song 'School's Out', but nobody could ever do it better than Alice. If I had to pick the best cover of the song, I would have to pick Sevendust's version, because they made it more metal than anybody else. You can find this cover on the Sevendust album 'The Best of, Chapter One: 1997-2004'.

  • 'I Am (I'm Me)'

    A lot of people don't realize that Sevendust rocked out a cover of Twisted Sister's 'I Am (I'm Me). You can find this punk metal song on the album 'Twisted Forever - A Tribute To Twisted Sister'.

  • Medley of Covers

    Sevendust have never been afraid to throw down some of their favorite cover songs in mid-concert even if they haven't put them on an album.  Click on the video to the left, to check out the band covering Ted Nugent's 'Catch Scratch Fever, Pantera's 'Walk', and Metallica's 'Master of Puppets'.  Who knows, maybe they'll throw all of these covers down on a record some day.