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The Painman Unveils the Worst Rock Cover Songs of All-Time
While I have grown fond of a great cover tune, I have also developed a severe disdain of bands covering songs and completely butchering them. There's nothing wrong with covering a great song, but don't attempt it if you can't make it your own and do the original justice.
It’s a Crime How Talented This Singing Cop Is
Sting is nowhere to be seen, but the police are still singing.
In this video, a policeman in Britain named Ian Northcott joins some other performers on the street to help belt out their version of 'Wonderwall' by Oasis while a crowd looks on.
Father and Baby Son Cover Beatles And It’s Totally Cute
We've said it before, and we'll say it again -- if you're going to subject yourself to the stress of parenthood, you may as well use your kids for party tricks. This dad has taught his almost two-year-old son to sing and strum along with him to 'Don't Let Me Down' by th…
Sevendust Cover Songs to Turn Up Loud – Chaz’s Top 5
Sevendust are set to rock our faces off with Rock 108's Shamrock n Roll.  And, while the band has some killer songs of their own, they are no strangers to throwing down some killer covers as well.  Check out some of my favorite covers songs by Sevendust.

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