I knew the minute the NOAA weather guys said that these storms are capable of producing winds up to 70 miles an hour that Abilene and the Big Country would be seeing some serious damage. When the storm was over I went out to see what was the banging the side of my house when I noticed, trees were up-rooted and had broken branches I also saw shingles spread out all over my yard. I looked around to see which neighbor lost their roof, only to discover those shingles were off of my house.

Today (6/18) the National Weather Service reported that we had winds up to 80 miles per hour and areas of the Big Country reported up to four inches of rain. As daylight broke this morning, you can clearly see what hurricane strength winds and rain are capable of doing.  Here are some photos from the damage around Abilene.

Hurricane Strength Winds Hit Abilene Leaving a Trail Of Destruction [GALLERY]