Last night, Abilene and the Big Country finally received some much needed rain. However, the storm system that moved through the area packed a pretty mean punch with an awesome lightening show. Monday night saw a pretty intense storm system roll through town that no only carried the rain we needed, but also dangerous cloud to ground lightening, pea to marble size hail, and wind gusts that,  reportedly,  peeled roofs, blown sheds over and knocked out power to several homes and businesses.

Here at the studio and the West-T-Go, we received some damage.  In fact, one of our satellites was lifted and thrown down causing a big hole. At West-T-Go, there was extensive damage to their roof as well which you can see in the gallery below.

My wife, who works over on the S. Pioneer area,  told me that it "looked like tornado blew through"  with lots of visible damage over there.

BigCountryHomepage reported that one of their producers actually saw a roof being peeled back. storm chaser and producer Cody McDonell reported seeing a roof blown off a home at 277 and 1235 near a gas station. Cody described the scene as "roof is peeled back and metal is twisted off and thrown."

A possible funnel cloud was spotted in the Woodson area which is Northeast of Abilene.

At my house, when the storm blew through, my family and I walked outside and saw a pretty kick ass lightening show and the winds were very gusty.  The storm definitely looked like it was going to  smack us around a little bit.

Then I started thinking (yeah, I know, that's a stretch), "Oh crap, Pain is cooking up some brisket and ribs for our party tomorrow...I bet he is pissed".

I think all of us know how much we needed the rain, though. We'll take it.

We have another chance of rain today and some of the storms could become severe so keep it locked on Rock 108 if any severe weather breaks out.  Don't forget you can always check out your weather on our site as well.