Hail Storm Pummels Downtown Abilene as Rudy Fernandez Watches
As the ArtWalk parade was winding down Thursday evening, a weather alert came over the loud speakers of the radio station's van. We were parked in downtown Abilene when we were warned that the impending storm contained golf ball to baseball size hail. Within five minutes of that alert all hell …
Things to Do When Your Electricity Goes Out
Last night here in Abilene a huge storm blew through causing wind damage and some flooding. In many areas the power went out, and in some cases,took more than 24 hours to be restored. I was lucky, our power was out only about an hour. So what do you do when the power goes out?
Last Night’s Storm In Abilene Packs A Punch
Last night, Abilene and the Big Country finally received some much needed rain. However, the storm system that moved through the area packed a pretty mean punch with an awesome lightening show.