Please do not let this show get cancelled!! It seems that my favorite TV family has hit another bump in the road. First cast of Duck Dynasty was in salary negotiations with the powers that be at A&E. Now, family matriarch Phil Robertson has been placed on indefinite hiatus for recent statements he made about homosexuals in an interview.

The show has recently been pulling in around 14 million viewers each week. Before Season 4 got underway the cast was holding out for more money; wanting $200,000 per episode. They got that and filming continued. Now the question is will filming continue for a new season after A&E placed Phil on indefinite leave?

Phil's recent interview with GQ magazine stirred up controversy and the decision by A&E's executives to remove Phil from further episodes; at least for the time being. Rumors have now begun that Phil has been fired and the show may be cancelled. At this point none of that is true. Phil was placed on leave but has not been 'fired' and no one has mentioned cancelling the show.

I personally think this will blow over in a few weeks and things will return to business as usual. From the comments I've seen on Facebook, Twitter and following online articles, everyone seems to be positive and supportive about the fact that this is Phil's opinion, not A&E's, and he is entitled to his opinion.

Although it did put A&E network in a bit of a pickle because they are longtime supporters of the LGBT community, they are just on 'damage control'. Although, you can't make everybody happy, happy, happy all the time no matter what you do or say.

So what is your opinion on this most recent controversy?