Wednesday (Jan. 15th) was the premier of Duck Dynasty on A&E and it seems to have lost some of it's luster. Last year's premier garnered huge ratings for the show, people couldn't wait for it. However, this year, viewership was down substantially.

Season 4 ratings showed that 12 million viewers tuned in for the opener; this season only 8.5 million were tuned in. There was a lot of controversy however, before season 5 surrounding statements Phil made about gays and A&E putting him on hiatus from filming future shows for those statements.

However, due to public outcry and support for the shows patriarch, he was allowed to rejoin the show. Ratings didn't quite reflect the public's previous response though. So what does this mean for the show's future? It might be a little too early to tell, while the rating were a little low the show is still a money making hit for the network.