It's been one year since Covid-19 disrupted our lives and it's been almost that long since any band has had a chance to tour. However, we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, which means bands will start touring again. When that happens, we need to make sure every show is sold out...and then some.

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Granted, we've all been really antsy and ready for concerts again, but the bands, and their crews, have been even more eager to get the show back on the road.

Just that, alone, should be enough to convince everyone to support every single show they possibly can. If we don't, that may be the end of many of the bands we known and love.

During the pandemic, most bands have been struggling just to make ends meet. Some, however, have been able to supplement their income with live streams, merch deals, and more. But, all in all, they're hurting. They're hurting bad.

The bands, and their crews, aren't the only ones hurting, though. There are thousands of live music venues, across America, that have suffered immense financial loss too. That also includes those who work at the venues, the vendors that supply the venues, and so on.

So, once bands start hitting the road again, we all need to do our part to sell those shows out. Not only will it help keep our favorite bands on the road, but it will also support the venues, and workers, that house the bands, thus ensuring there is an actual future for concerts in our area.

In the meantime, jump on the website of your favorite bands and buy an album, or other merch, to help keep them afloat.

And when touring starts again, let's sell out every damn show.

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