With the recent, and tragic, death of Wayne Static, I went back to the archives to pull this interview with him out for Throwback Thursday. Little did I know that this would be my last interview with the man who fronted Static-X for so many years.

In April of 2014, Wayne Static called in to the Rock 108 studios ahead of a show that was going down in Abilene. It was probably one of my longest interviews ever, but, the dude was just so easy to talk to, I just kept recording. We talked about the anniversary of Static-X's iconic album, 'Wisconsin Death Trip', what it was like touring behind the album back in the day, his iconic hair, and so much more.

Since the interview was pretty long, I broke it down into 3 segments.

In the first segment, we talk about the the anniversary of the album 'Wisconsin Death Trip'.

"I was so green at the time when we were making 'Wisconsin Death Trip', we really didn't even know what we were doing" -Wayne Static

Listen to Part 1 With Wayne Static

In this second segment, Wayne talked about coming up with the term 'evil disco' that he used to describe the band's music as well as his relationship with former bassist Tony Campos.

Part 2

In the third and final segment, we talked about him collaborating with other artists, and the secret behind his iconic hair.

Part 3

As I listen to this old interview, I can't help but think how cool Wayne Static was, and how talking to him was just like talking to a really good friend. He will definitely be missed by the entire rock community while his music will live on forever.

RIP, Wayne Static.