If you are a big tornado fan like me, you might remember a show called 'Storm Chasers' on the Discovery Channel which, obviously, documented tornadoes.  That show was cancelled but one of the more popular chasers is back with a show available only on the web called 'Tornado Chasers' and there is a teaser trailer out for it.

After 5 seasons on the show, Reed Timmer, who runs tornadovideo.net, and the network parted ways.  The split, which was not really documented, left Reed with no network support, but the team decided to start their own TV type show for the web.  Honestly, I'm glad that Discovery Channel axed 'Storm Chasers'  because it was starting to get a little too focused on the drama between the teams as opposed to focusing on the tornadoes that they were documenting.

'Tornado Chasers' will  be released every Wednesday starting Sep 19, and the episodes will be available for subscribers on the on demand portal of TVNweather.com, which also lets you track the chasers with real time footage.  Episode one will touch on the breakup of the Discovery Channel show and will introduce a new driver to the team. Of course there will be plenty of tornadoes to check out and not as much drama between the teams.

Check out the trailer for the first episode.

Will you watch 'Tornado Chasers'?