Terrifying North Dakota Tornado Captured on Video [NSFW]
A rare tornado recently ripped through North Dakota critically injuring a 15-year old girl and eight other people at a workers' camp. The twister was caught on video by a man named Dan Yorgason, which was uploaded to his YouTube account. Watch the terrifying twister bare down on the two as they…
Mayflower, Arkansas Tornado Damage Captured by Aerial Drone
A huge tornado outbreak happened Sunday April 28th claiming several lives and leaving a path of destruction several miles long. Hardest hit was in Mayflower, Arkansas where a twister leveled houses to the foundation. A drone video of the damage path was uploaded by YouTube user Brian Emfinger, which…
North Texas Tornadoes
Several tornadoes slammed into North Texas Wednesday (May 15th) that left 6 dead and several people injured and homeless. Some of the reportedly 16 tornadoes that touched down across Texas were caught on tape.
Tornado Doesn’t Stop Couple from Getting Married in Kansas [VIDEO]
Most people probably know by now, that I love tornadoes. So it shouldn't be a surprise that this time each year (Spring), I'm checking out the weather constantly and searching for the latest and greatest tornado videos on YouTube or other sites. Well, while cruising through YouTube, I foun…

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