The Firehouse Bar & Grill just set the bar, for creativity, incredibly high with the introduction of their turtle races. Yes. Turtle Races.

Every Wednesday night, the Firehouse will host these turtle races - so don't miss the next round.

Basically, they have 8 turtles and 8 VIP tables. Each table gets their own turtle to root for that night. If their turtle wins, so does the VIP table (prizes change each week).

Now, those that aren't sitting at a VIP table get in on the winning too. Each attendee will get 1 free ticket and the hosts will draw tickets throughout the night. If your ticket matches theirs, then you get to pick a turtle too. If your turtle wins, so do you.

There are various heats and rounds of races all night, so make sure you get there early and stay late for all the fun.

To top it all off, every Wednesday the Firehouse has an awesome $5 beer and burger deal that you'll want to devour.

I never thought I'd witness turtle races, but I did and it was awesome. Don't believe me? Check out the video at the top of the page.