Recently, Metallica's Lars Ulrich was cast in an HBO drama with Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen called, "Hemmingway and Gellhorn". Well, this got me thinking: What are the top 10 worst acting jobs by a musician?

There are several musicians, and sports stars alike, that have made that jump from their profession to acting. Some have done a good job, while others have sucked. I put Lars Ulrich in the "suck" category based on his non ability to act. But, should musicians even try to go into acting?

This is not the first time that ol' Lars graced the big screen as he had a tiny part in "Get Him To The Greek" which you can check out below.

I honestly don't think he is much of an actor at all, though it is kinda cool to see some of these rock stars or sports stars in movies as I laugh my butt off most of the time. Surprisingly, though, Lars is not the worst in my opinion.

So, what rock stars have done the worst job of acting? Now, I do want to say that even though the acting is bad, doesn't necessarily mean I didn't enjoy watching the movie -for the most part.

My top 10 list is as follows:

1. Brett Michaels ( A Letter From Death Row)

2. Marilyn Manson (Party Monster)

3. Gene Simmons (Runaway)

4. Lars Ulrich (Get Him To The Greek)

5.  Steve Vai (Crossroads)

6.  Mick Jagger (Freejack)

7. John Bon Jovi (Vampires: Lost Muertors, Young Guns II)

8. Keith Richards (Pirates of The Caribbean: At Worlds End)

9. Roger Daltry (Buddy's Song)

10. Iggy Pop (The Crow: City of Angels)

Now, again, I will say that even though most of these movies I enjoyed, it still didn't take away from the fact that the acting was sub par at best.

Let me know what you think.  Is there anyone that is not on my list that should be?  Does my list suck and I don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Let us know below.

As far as Lars' new movie he will play  Dutch documentarian, Joris Ivens in the TV movie set to air sometime next year.  You can check out a photo of Lars on location filming at

Now for what Lars actually does best.