Three Days Grace guitarist Barry Stock once had a heart attack onstage and, thinking it was just some bad heartburn, carried on with the show and finished it out before seeking treatment.

In an interview with Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez, Stock and bassist Brad Walst were asked what the most life-changing experience they've ever had while touring. Walst paused for a moment, thinking back on his life's events while Stock chimed in, "Well, I almost died onstage once," to which the bassist replied with a laugh, "Well, that was a big one."

Stock admitted that the event got him to quit smoking and recollected the night he endured a near fatal incident while making us all realize just how far musicians are willing to go to avoid canceling a show. "I had a heart attack onstage and I decided I'd finish the show then go to the hospital and then they saved me," the guitarist said. "It made me rethink some things for sure," he went on, noting, "I thought it was really bad heartburn. After about eight Tums and it didn't go away I realized there's a little bit of a problem here."

Seeking a healthier lifestyle, he curbed his smoking habit after the heart attack. To ease off the addiction, the guitarist said he chewed nicotine gum for a while. Stock admitted he thought he'd never kick smoking despite having the desire to for "many years," but the health scare sounded the alarm. "When something like that happens to you it wakes you up really fast," he affirmed.

Three Days Grace are currently on the road providing direct support for Five Finger Death Punch (dates here) and will look to work on the follow-up to 2018's Outsider album throughout 2020.

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