We've got another round of The Weekend Buzz coming up this Friday, but we're putting the beer down to battle some spirits...Silver Star Spirits that is.

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In case you're not familiar with the show, we feature some brews from breweries nationwide each Friday. Basically, we try a bunch of beers, tell you about the beers, and then you choose whether or not you want to go out and try these brews for yourself.

Last week, we sipped on Michelob Ultra and their Ultra Infusions. Honestly, this is definitely a beer that should be enjoyed during the summer. It is light but packs some serious flavor. We also tried the Ultra Prickly Pear Cactus and the Ultra Mango Chile with the latter being the clear winner in my eyes.

This week, we put the beer down and pick up some bourbon and whiskey from Texas-based Silver Star Spirits. We'll sample the 90-proof 1849 straight bourbon whiskey as well as their 80-proof whiskey. So if you love whiskey and bourbon, tune in to see what we think about Silver Star Spirits.

Once again, we'll be sampling these brews this Friday afternoon. Tune in on the radio or our free app to hear our thoughts on these tasty brews.

Be sure to check out the brews we've sampled in the past in the gallery below.

The Weekend Buzz is a pre-recorded show that airs 3-7 on Rock 108 brought to you by our buddies over at Ben E. Keith Beverages, who along with Townsquare Media remind you to enjoy responsibly.

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