Mysterious Green Day-sounding new wave group the Network have surprise-released a new EP called Trans Am. A music video for the bouncy, Gary Numan-like title track accompanies the effort.

The fresh tune follows "Ivankkka Is a Nazi," another Trans Am number released earlier this month that also served as the Network's first new material in 17 years. Both songs point to the upcoming Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So!, the follow-up album to the act's 2003 debut that's due in short order.

See the cover art and tracklist for the new EP and listen to "Trans Am" down toward the bottom of this post.

The Network recently partnered with Warner Records, which, of course, duly serves as Green Day's parent label. (Green Day works with Warner imprint Reprise.) Reacting to a Twitter announcement of the signing a few weeks ago, one that posited the Network as a Green Day "nemesis," Green Day themselves re-shared the news on the social networking service and added an incredulous "WTF?!"

That type of reaction lines up with Green Day's past responses surrounding the Network and their reported involvement with the group. That includes Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong denying his or his bandmates' participation in the project around the time that the Network's first album emerged.

But during a 2013 Rolling Stone Q&A, Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt all but admitted that the Network is indeed Green Day. In the interview, he mentioned the 2003 album (the original Money Money 2020) among a list of Green Day's accomplishments that likewise included fellow Green Day offshoot Foxboro Hot Tubs.

The Network features six musicians performing under the aliases Fink (believed to be Armstrong), Van Gough (rumored to be Dirnt), the Snoo (suggested to be Green Day drummer Tre Cool), Balducci (believed to be longtime Green Day touring guitarist Jason White), Captain Underpants and Z.

A press release surrounding the Trans Am EP promised that the act is "definitely not Green Day!"

The Network, Trans Am Album Artwork + Track Listing

Cover of the Network's 'Trans Am' EP
Warner Records

1. Trans Am
2. Flat Earth
3. Fentanyl
4. Ivankkka Is A Nazi

The Network, "Trans Am"

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