Game of Thrones may be over and done, but we still have so many more lingering questions from the show. Here are some I still think about a lot. Game of Thrones is done and many are really conflicted about the outcome with the Iron Throne. Who lived, who died, who ended up in power, who basically just walked off the face of the earth and who did nothing the entire season but ended up in charge (:: cough cough:: Bran Stark).

Throughout the series, there were many plotlines from the books that were brought into the show and many GOT fans were excited to see these plots finally get ironed out in the show. Unfortunately, it seems that the writers of the show forgot about some of those plots or simply let them die out on the show and we're hoping we would just forget about them. Sorry to tell you Weiss and Benioff, but the North- or uh fans- remember. Here are some of the plotlines that irritated me the most on the show.

Lord Vary’s letter about Jon Snow’s True Lineage- In one of the last episodes of the show, we saw Lord Varys writing letters about Jon Snow's true lineage and sending them out, although one ended up burned in his study. What happened to the letters he was able to get out? Who did he send them to? Guess they ran out of time on that episode since he was turned into a burned piece of bacon by Drogo in the end.

Crastor’s Sacrificed Babies- In season 2, we Jon Snow and the men of the Night's Watch head North of the Wall and meet the creepy pedo Crastor. He was marrying his daughters and had tons of wives but we saw him offering up his male heirs to the White Walkers. The Walker then turned the baby into a blue-eyed walker but we need to know! Is there a small, white walker nursery we don't know about? Do they grow up? Are they the Night King's second in commands? Is there a White Walker nanny?

The Books Sam Stole From The Citadel- Sam made such a big deal about needing to be pardoned for these books and how he was researching ways to kill the Night King and he stole the books to keep researching. Instead, all we got was the sad moment Danny made him cry and the books were never mentioned again.

So….Who Was The Prince Who Was Promised?- So Avor Ahai, not a thing anymore? No one perfectly fits the prophecy and the best bet is that Jon Snow was Azor Ahai but even he doesn't fit the prophecy just right. So I guess that one died along with Melissandre.

Maggy The Frog’s Prophecy- Cersei was supposed to be so terrified of this prophecy coming true and she did have 3 children that died and covered in golden shrouds but what about that first kid she apparently had with Robert? Wasn't written into the books and kind of threw off the whole prophecy. Also, the way she died wasn't with any hands around her throat choking the life from her.

Warlocks of Qarth- They seemed so dangerous in the show and even after she burned three of them, they still send someone after her to try and kill her. After that half-assed attempt on her life, we never see them again. Lord Varys should have written them and had them try to take her life.

The Masked Sorceress Quaithe- She showed up only twice to give Sir Jorah Mormont some advice and then mysteriously disappeared again. She has a larger role in the books and it would have been nice to see her role used more, and maybe even explain her purpose.

White Walkers True Purpose- So.....they just hate people? Any exact reason why? Or just they want people to forget, like Bran said, and then be just like them. Or are they just really big fans of the cold and night time?

White Walkers Mysterious Symbols- In the first scene of the entire show, we're introduced to those mysterious White Walker symbols and throughout the entire show we kept seeing those symbols showing up but by the end of the show they never explained their meaning and kind of just said they meant something to cavemen so they probably mean something to them too.

White Walkers Mercy- Samwell isn't exactly a tiny dude and he was hiding behind a rock. A White Walker makes full on eye contact with him but then just told his wights to continue walking on like he's not even there. Why would they spare him, when they clearly want everyone to be in the Night King's army?

Red Priestesses Words To Lord Varys- When the High Priestess for the Lord of Light met with Tyrion and Lord Varys, she tells him about the words that were spoken to him in the fire when his manhood was chopped off. Varys is clearly terrified that she knows this and it seems ot show why he has such a distaste for the dark arts. I was really excited to find out what those words were but they just completely forgot to let us know before they burned him to a crisp.

Ser Illyn Payne On Arya’s List- The royal family's head executioner was on her list for beheading her father and she repeated his name every night, along with Cersei, Joffrey, and others. The actor who played Ser Illyn Payne was suffering from cancer so he took time away from acting to focus on his health. He has since recovered thankfully but his character never made his way back into the GOT storyline. This is someone I think the fans would have loved to see back and get the justice Ned deserves.


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