This is a case for the FBI. If you're unaware, Fox premiered a new show called "The Masked Singer" on New Year's day. The premise is simple, it's a singing competition where twelve celebrities face off against each other with one twist: THEY'RE ALL IN A COSTUME MASKING THEIR IDENTITY. Now, at the end of an episode, one masked singer is revealed. It's hosted by Nick Cannon and has a panel of four judges who get to ask questions; the judges are Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger.

At first glance, this seems like a dumb show, I know because that's exactly what I thought when I first heard about it. When I first saw it pop up on my Hulu I thought "There is no way I am going to waste forty minutes of my life to watch this." Cut to forty minutes later and I. AM. HOOKED. Two singers have already been revealed/ elminated. I won't tell you who they are in case you want to go back and see it so instead, I'm going to give you my guesses for the reaming singers! Buckle in!

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    According to the clues, this singer has been on stage since he was five years old and loves putting on a show but he also says that it's probably been a while since our moms had his poster on the wall which means he's older. The judges hinted at maybe a Vegas show all these lead me to believe it's Donny Osmond!

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    The Monster's clues were that he wants to make a comeback and complete his "mix tape" which led the judges to think he's a celebrity from the '80's. But then he ended with kind of an auto-tune sound and the agent next to him is having "one more drink" which leads me to think it's T-PAIN! (Have you heard him without the auto tune? Check it out!) T-Pain has had "mix tapes" and when the judges asked him if he's a singer his response was "not to everyone" because of the auto-tune. But I'm certain it's T-PAIN!

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    The Lion's clues were that she comes from Hollywood Royalty, her "pride" is full of women, and she's stepping out on her own to sing her heart out. I had to cheat a little with this one because I was stumped! She has an incredible voice and after much research, me and all the internet will agree that it's Rumer Willis! Daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis that's total Hollywood Royalty. When asked by the judges if she has women in her "pride" her response was yes; Rumer has four other sister. Also, she sings in the show "Empire" and she sounds amazing!

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    This one was hard! I had to call in reinforcements! With the help of Lisa and Brandon we examined the clues and at first we thought wrestler, but the football trophy led us to believe it was someone who was in BOTH wrestling and football. Ultimately it was the accent and the "Ravens" clue  that gave us a nudge. After much research we (mainly Brandon) have come to the conclusion that the Deer is... TERRY BRADSHAW!

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    I was upset that the Unicorn beat the Monster because I thought the Monster was great! Whoever told the Unicorn she was tone deaf was not entirely wrong. While it was a cute performance we could all tell it was not a professional singer, but she did grow up wealthy in Beverly Hills... like Beverly Hills 90210. With the height clue I have come to the conclusion that this is TORI SPELLING. 

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    We've moved on to episode two and I was really upset that they no longer gave us the height! But this one I immediately picked up on the "talk show host" clue and on the "Cry Baby" clue, along with her voice, because I have seen Hairspray many many times as a youngin', I totally recognize that voice, I have come to the conclusion that this is RICKI LAKE!

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    This Poodle rocked! Her voice was awesome and her clues sent me on a search. I know I'd heard that voice before. Her clues of San Francisco and the "stand up" shout out led all the judges to believe it's a stand up comedian. Her career on exercising her right to free speech and the rainbow led me to believe it's an advocate for the LGBTQ community. With the help of Lisa we believe this is Margaret Cho!

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    You guys... this one! The clues hinted at a boy band which I immediately thought BSB or 'Nysnc! The "pop up here and pop up there" made me think "Pop" by Nsync! Then the final hint was "It's gonna be me." When he sang I knew it wasn't Justin or Lance. Joey was my first clue and I almost locked it in until Emily Slape was like "JC had an album where he wore that straight jacket." So I'm going to go with my gut here and say it's JC CHASEZ of Nsync!

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    The Alien has a very model like body, she does say that in her family "anonymity" is an alien concept and that she grew up in the spotlight which of course I think: Kardashian's. They show four other aliens standing with her. A lot thought it was Kourtney but I'm going to go with Kendall Jenner.

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    This one had us all shooketh on the show! We knew it was someone who sang since the '50's. According to the judges they could hear the "soul" in her voice, which is code for it's a black lady. She also said she wanted to appeal to a newer generation, she mentions that you can call her "Queen Bee" but "Empress" also suits her. We all thought it was maybe Diana Ross, Tina Turner or Chaka Khan, but when I looked up "empress" there was only one "Empress of Soul" it's GLADYS KNIGHT!

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