The Dallas Cowboys could finally make a splash in the free agency pond by signing two-time all-pro wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The question is, will Jerry and the boys pull the trigger on the move, or keep teasing us?

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The Cowboys were one of several teams that the controversial standout receiver mentioned when talking about where he wanted to go.

Whether it’s Buffalo, whether it was Green Bay calling, the Cowboys, reunion with the Giants, I want to be able to spill my last — not saying I only got three or four left — but these next three or four years into something where I can buy a home, like I can call this place home. I’m tired of living out of two week suitcases, I’ve done the rock and roll life. (via Twitter)

On Tuesday, November 8th, Cowboys owner and GM, Jerry Jones, had some cryptic words on the subject of OBJ in his weekly visit on
105.3 The FanBleacher Report

Even Cowboys linebacker, Micah Parsons was very vocal about OBJ coming to Dallas.

Yes, it appears that many in Cowboys Nation want to see OBJ wear the star. Honesty, I wouldn't mind seeing him as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, why not? The dude has outstanding hands and still has the speed and agility. Plus, I think we need more veteran presence in the receiving corps.

Sure he played for the hated New York Giants at one time, and he seems to have a little controversy following him, but, there is no denying his talent. The only question I would have is if that knee is going to hold up.

What say you Cowboys Nation? Should OBJ wear the star?

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