A video captured an intense moment between zookeepers at a Fort Worth Zoo and a silverback gorilla. Watch as these two zookeepers escape from the gorilla as onlookers gasp in fear for the workers.

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The now-viral video, posted on TikTok, shows zookeepers working in a gorilla enclosure but not realizing that Elmo, a silverback gorilla, is still inside with them. The workers are careful not to attract attention as the gorilla seems to follow their every move.

You can hear onlookers panicking while praying for the workers' safety as Elmo moves around his enclosure stalking the zookeepers.

@ben306069 Shocking moment two keepers where left in an enclosure with Elmo a male silverback at the fort worth zoo #shocking #fortworthzoo #silverback #scary #zoo #zookeeper #gorilla #fyp #fortworth #elmothegorilla #exposed #coverup ♬ original sound - Ben306069

Wow, how would you like to be having a nice time at the zoo with the kids when you stumble across that scene? Talk about a hair-raising experience. I can imagine the zookeepers had to go home and change their clothes.

The incident took place in October of 2023, but the video was just now posted by the user. The video now has over 25 million views.

According to zoo spokesperson, Avery Elander, the incident was ruled "keeper error" after workers failed to follow protocol. Thankfully, the workers were able to make it to safety, and Elmo the gorilla was not harmed.

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