With beautiful landscapes for miles, there are not many places in Texas that are not photogenic. However, some places in the Lone Star State will get you in hot water if you get caught snapping some photos.

These days, just about everybody has access to a camera of some kind with the ability to snap a picture and upload it on social media for everyone to see in a matter of seconds.

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Whether it's reuniting with a loved one at an airport or that perfect shot of the kiddo before graduation, there's never really a second thought about if the place you're taking that photo is actually legal.

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As you'll see below, 8 specific places in Texas could get you in a bit of trouble if you're caught snapping a picture there.

8 Places That Are Illegal to Photograph in Texas

Don't get yourself in trouble with a snapshot of one of these spots in Texas...

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Will You Get Thrown In The Slammer?

Unless you are impeding law enforcement from their jobs or causing a nuisance, chances are you won't get thrown in jail. Most likely you'll be asked to leave and forfeit any pictures that you have taken. There also could be a possible fine.

The main reason to avoid these places when it comes to photography is simply for safety reasons. Now, I highly doubt that the cops are posted up somewhere looking for would-be "photo felons" as there are many other more important crimes. Still, you should probably not try to test the waters.

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