The AR-15 is one of my top three favorite guns to shoot, but lately it seems that the gun and it's ammunition have gone through the roof. A friend called me from Dallas last Friday, he asked me if I still wanted an AR-15. I told him "yes but I'm not about to pay these absurd prices everyone is asking for AR's now, besides I'm in radio I can't afford it." AR-15's are selling for as low as 1,100 to 3,500 dollars, it's simple low supply and high demand. According to my friend Craig Stephens, there are several stores that are getting in some good shipments and the prices are down. A couple of stores in the DFW area are putting AR's out by the dozens.

He noticed the bigger stores like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, Dick's and Academy Sporting Goods stores are putting out 10 to 50 rifles out at a time (when they get them) and limiting the purchase of one per person per day. I thought he was pulling my leg, but he said "look man, I'll send you some pictures from the store I'm in right now and I think ammo is coming down in price too." Once I saw the pictures and the price tags on them I went to a couple of our local stores here in Abilene, and still nothing was on the shelves. I guess the trickle down effect may take a month or so to reach Abilene.

I'll be glad when everybody settles down and quits hoarding guns and ammo. It's like it was back in 1999 when the Y-2-K scare had everyone running out to buy ammo, bottled water and MRE's (meals ready to eat). We're still eating Beefy Beef Stew and Chunky Chicken Barbeque MRE's at my house, as for the food containers that you can bury, they come in handy as rain barrels.

I just hope that all those folks that purchased firearms of all kinds will take the necessary steps to store the in a good secure gun vault and more importantly take the time and take some gun safety courses.  Now, if you'd like to trade some leftover MRE's for some of your new .22 caliber ammo, we need to talk. See you at the range.