You know Shim as the original lead singer and frontman of Sick Puppies. Since leaving the band, Shim has branched out on his own with an arsenal of kick ass new music.

We had the honor of having him in studio to perform in front of a small, private crowd - but now we get Shim and his full band for a rowdy night at the Firehouse Bar and Grill.

Friday, March 29th is when it all goes down at the Firehouse. It's an 18 and up show and only costs 10 bucks. Seriously, only 10 dollars.

Not only can I guarantee this will be an epic night, but Shim does as well. He's known to give money-back guarantees at his shows...but no one has ever taken him up on it.

His first single, Hallelujah, can be heard in the video below while his follow-up, Crucified, is in the player at the top of the page.

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