It's time for another episode of Rockstar 101! And we have stories from the road and backstage.

  • I talk about the time I ended up backstage with Papa Roach. This was many years ago. It was either 2004 or 2005. Myself and a group of friends were standing outside like a bunch of idiots trying to get backstage, not realizing we were wearing backstage passes already.
  • The tube socks part of the story has to do with us seeing the manager for Papa Roach running around backstage with a new package of tube socks. The reason being it's easier to just wear the socks once and throw them out, instead of having to constantly wash them.
  • Shim also shares a story about him getting left behind at a gas station. He forgot to do something they were supposed to do to let the driver know they got off the bus.

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