An album cover can make or break an album. There's nothing like the perfect album cover to put the "Sex" in Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll. Check out my list of rock's sexiest album covers.

  • 15

    Godsmack %22Godsmack%22

    Toni Tiller is the girl on the cover. Toni is cute. Toni doesn't have eyebrows.

    Universal Republic Records
  • 14

    Buckcherry %22Buckcherry%22

    I think I see nipple.

    DreamWorks Records
  • 13

    Hinder %22Extreme Behavior%22

    First off, these guys are good buddies of mine so knowing them as I do, this kind of cover doesn't come as a shock. Hinder love their music, their parties and their women. So do I.

    Universal Records
  • 12

    Bullet For My Valentine %22Fever%22

    Never seen a hot, naked woman with a lobster claw. Now I have.

    Sony Music Ent./Jive
  • 11

    Deftones %22Around the Fur%22

    So the Deftones were partying at a pool party one night. They get introduced to a candid picture of one of the night's guests. They loved it so much they wanted it their next album cover. So, they had to track down the girl to get permission. This kind of stuff only happens to rock stars. If you are at a pool party and happen to see a hot, wet gal like this then want to track her down...well, chances are you will be slapped with a restraining order.

    Maverick/Warner Bros. Records
  • 10

    Steel Panther %22Balls Out%22

    When a band coins song titles like "17 Girls in a Row", you know there's gotta be a sexy album cover involved.

    Universal Republic Records
  • 9

    Drowning Pool %22Desensitized%22

    Featuring porn stars, like Jesse Jane, on your album cover will definitely help you sell albums. Just ask Drowning Pool.

    Wind-Up Records
  • 8

    White Zombie %22SuperSexy Swingin' Sounds%22

    Nothing like a naked woman in a hammock. No more words are needed.

    Geffen Records
  • 7

    Red Hot Chili Peppers %22Mothers Milk%22

    This album cover came with a bit of controversy. The Chili Peppers used the photograph of model Alaine Dawn but failed to inform her about it. She got upset. She hired an attorney. She won lots of money. Isn't that the way it always goes?

    EMI America Records
  • 6

    Soil %22Picture Perfect%22

    I have no idea who the vixen is on this album cover, but does it really matter? She's uber sexy.

    Bieler Bros. Records
  • 5

    Blink 182 %22Enema of the State%22

    Anytime you put a porn star on your album cover, you're gonna make my list. When you have some free time, try Googling Janine Lindemulder.

    MCA Records
  • 4

    Sugar Ray %22Lemonade and Brownies%22

    Sugar Ray isn't the most rock of the rock bands on this list but at one point they used to be semi-heavy. However, I used to have the biggest crush on Nicole Eggert so when she graced this cover it immediately became one of my favorites.

    Atlantic Records
  • 3

    2 Live Crew %22As Nasty As They Wanna Be%22

    No, 2 Live Crew isn't rock, but they sample enough rock music on this album to justify a slot on my list. I know you're singing "Me So Horny" to yourself right now, aren't you?

    Luke/Atlantic Records
  • 2

    The Strokes %22Is This It%22

    Quite honestly, I think I've only heard about 4-5 Strokes songs but after seeing this album cover, I just might check out the rest of their catalogue.

    RCA Records
  • 1

    Motley Crue %22Red, White, & Crue%22

    This album cover doesn't show the most skin, but who doesn't love a silhouette of a hot woman waving along with an American flag? That, and it's one of the coolest greatest hits albums of all time. That's why this album cover tops my list.

    Motley Records