For years, we have featured "babes" on our website, because, well, babes and rock go hand in hand. Right? Well, if it were up to Heathen and Pain, our site would be nothing but babes...preferable nude. If it were up to a few of our lady rockers, our site would be nothing but hunks.

After countless failed attempts at asking us to feature hunks on our website, Amy Thompson and Jennifer Englert took matters into their own hands. These 2 decided if we weren't going to post hunks on our website, then they'd post hunks on our Facebook page. For the past few weeks these girls have posted a "hunk of the day" on our page.  Immediately their posts/pictures received support from many other lady rockers. So, even though we probably won't feature "hunks" as much as the "babes", we did feel it was our obligation and honor to salute all of you lady rockers.

Ladies, feast your eyes (and loins) on the gallery of shirtless hunks. We searched high and low for some eye candy for you.