Yes, reindeer boobs are back for 2019. Woman (and men, though I don’t encourage it) are once again decorating their exposed bosom for the holidays. A hastily cut alteration to a sweater, a couple of pieces of felt, some spirit gum and a couple of googly eyes are all it takes to turn one of your knockers into a festive reindeer.

YourSassyGrandma via Etsy

As Holiday Traditions go, this one is very young. The earliest online mention I’ve been able to track down in from the Yuletide season of 2017. Will reindeer boobs catch on despite tightening H.R. rules in the workplace and the #MeToo in general? I don’t know but I will keep you abreast of any new developments.

YourSassyGrandma via Etsy

Here’s what reindeer boobs have working in their favor: all of these images are from Etsy so I can use them in this post. There also isn’t technically any nudity so, again, I can use them in this post.

As you can see, there are options OTHER than “reindeer”. There’s “Santa Hat”:

Mr. and Mrs. Frosty…

….for the (slightly) more modest among us…

…Is it just me or is it a little nippy outside?! How about,….”winky eye”, I guess?


Christmas really is my favorite time of year! You can roast me on an open fire because I am a Chest Nut!