Tattooed Model Makes Her Boobs Dance to Mozart
Tattooed model Sara X has posted a video on YouTube that will surely make you appreciate the sounds of classical music. Watch as she makes her boobs dance in time to Mozart's 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik'. You're welcome.
How To Make Boobs Bigger Without Surgery
Guys, if your wife, girlfriend, or lady friends are wanting bigger boobs without having surgery, this YouTube instructional video will definitely help the cause. Hey, we're just trying to help out the ladies with this very important information.
Hilarious ’99 Words for Boobs’ Parody Song
Surfing YouTube this morning, I came across a video that perfectly teaches us the funniest alternative words to use for 'boobs'. Behold, the '99 Words for Boobs' parody song. Who says learning isn't fun?
Epic Boob Stare Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
In this video, a youngster stares down a TV reporter’s amply-filled halter top like he’s just discovering the wonders of the female form for the first time. His sheepish — but not necessarily apologetic — look when caught is pretty priceless.