The "boom" came as P.O.D. rolled into town and blew the roof off the Lucky Mule.  If you missed the show, you missed one hell of a show. Seriously, this was one of the best shows I've seen here. Check out a recap of the show in pictures.

The first band that went on stage was Kennedy.  These guys set the tone quickly and got everybody's attention.  Very cool sounding band.  Kind of reminded me of Breaking Benjamin. They were edgy, yet controlled and had really good stage presence.

Next up were those crazy guys in Meridian.  Featuring some former members of the band Miser, they picked up where Kennedy left off and the energy was through the roof.  They were definitely loud and proud and perfectly set up the next band.

Overscene hit the stage next and blew me away.  Their set featured a cover of the Garth Brooks song, "Thunder Rolls" - and they nailed it.  They kept the core of the song itself, but rocked it out and made it sound bad ass.  Check out their Facebook page to hear their version of that song.  You'll be glad you did.

P.O.D. hit the stage last, of course, and from the moment they walked up on stage, till the time they left, they killed it!  The energy made their set very intense as they rolled off hits like, "Boom", "Satellite", "Alive" and others.  Such a bad ass band!

Again, if you missed the show, kick yourself in the butt for not going because this show was flat out amazing!

Here's a recap of the show in pictures.