It seems we've been trying to get them into Abilene for years now; well the Kentucky-bred hard rockers in Black Stone Cherry are finally coming. Backing up hits like Rain Wizard, Lonely Train, Hell and High Water, Blind Man, and White-Trash Millionaire, Black Stone Cherry bring a resume of bad-ass songs and a history of a killer live shows.

If you like your hard rock a little southern fried, then you're gonna love this show.

Also on the bill are good buddies, and equally as great musicians, Overscene.



Date & Time

  • Sunday, July 7th
  • Doors at 7pm


Lucky Mule Saloon at 1850 South Clack


  • $16 at Rock 108 Studios, Lucky Mule, and Parlor 10-18 Tattoos at 4201 North 1st
  • Purchase online here

Other Info

Black Stone Cherry Videos

White-Trash Millionaire

Lonely Train

Hell and High Water