Want a little piece of Ozzy history? The black jumpsuits that he and pop star Justin Bieber used in the making of Best Buy's Super Bowl commercial are being auctioned off for charity. More, including some alternate endings of the commercial after the jump.

If you would like to own some, more than likely, sweat infested memorabilia from Ozzy Osbourne or even Justin Bieber, you can go here  to eBay and bid on the jumpsuits they wore in the Best Buy commercials.  Proceeds will go to the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.  Best buy is donating the $30,000 suits.

I'm sure they probably washed them - at least I would hope they would.  I mean who knows what is still in Ozzy's system.  I mean, if you put on Ozzy's suit, one might could have an acid flashback or something.   Bieber's suit would probably give you some  estrogen.

In any case, again, go to eBay to bid on the suits.

Speaking of the commercial, Best Buy posted a series of alternate endings and let facebook users vote on their favorite.  Here is the video of those alternate endings.

Here are some bloopers from the commercial shoot.

Finally, here is some Ozzy we can all enjoy - video for "Let It Die". Hornz up!