There's a new game in the 'Key City' called 'Abilene-Opoly' and, naturally, we had to come up with a drinking game for it.

The new game, played just like regular Monopoly, will be a ton of fun to play. But, playing it with these drinking rules will definitely turn things up a notch in the fun department - it's gonna be lit.

Abilene-Opoly Drinking Game Rules

Take 1 Drink

  • Every time you pass 'Go Abilene'
  • When you land on Texas symbol
  • Anytime someone says the word 'Abilene'
  • Land on any corner spot
  • If/when you curse
  • Land on someone's property
  • Crowned Miss Abilene
  • Buy any property
  • Anytime someone brings up an accurate complaint about Abilene (Social)

Take 2 Drinks

  • When someone draws 'Big Fun' or 'Contingency' card
  • If you you leave the table without saying 'I am going Frontiering'
  • Anytime you roll doubles
  • If you're in 'Traffic Jam' and someone lands on 'Detour'
  • Anytime you lose a turn
  • Dice fall on floor

Take 3 Drinks

  • Anytime property taxes are paid
  • When someone gains all properties of the same color
  • If you get a parking ticket
  • Run out of gas
  • Roll out of turn
  • Spill your beer
  • Land on 'West Texas Fair and Rodeo'

Down It

  • Sent to 'Traffic Jam'
  • Get towed
  • If chosen as banker
  • Bankrupt
  • If you quit the game

Townsquare Media, in no way, endorses irresponsible drinking. Always make sure you have a designated driver when you plan on drinking.

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