Lots to talk about on this episode of MMA Talk.

  • First, we need to address this "Floyd Mayweather fighting in an MMA match" story. It might not even be MMA. It could easily just be a boxing match. He announced he'd be fighting a kickboxer over in Tokyo on New Year's Eve, but we don't know at what weight and haven't been told what the rules will be.
  • Who should Daniel Cormier fight next? Was Derrick Lewis given a title shot too soon? And where is Stipe Miocic?
  • The UFC needs to cut the WWE crap. I get that you want a rivalry, and there's a reason Conor McGregor is a house hold name, but don't let that take over the sport.
  • We also look forward to UFC 231 and UFC 232. I also explain how Jon "Bones" Jones needs to just shut up and fight, and he can't really talk about his wins over Daniel Cormier because he got pinged for PEDs.