Mike McCarthy returned to Lambeau Field on Sunday as the Dallas Cowboys looked to give the coach a win over his former team the Green Bay Packers. Well, not only did McCarthy and the boys lose to the underachieving Packers, but fans added insult to injury by destroying him on Twitter.

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McCarthy was the man in charge in Green Bay for 13 seasons winning a Super Bowl and was the recipient of an NFL Coach of the Year award. Though there were some great years spent in Green Bay, McCarthy's time there ended in 2018 when the Packers started off the season 4-7-1.

The Dallas Cowboys hired McCarthy in 2020 after firing The Clapper (Jason Garrett) to take America's Team back to the top of the NFL ranks. I guess the jury is still out on if that move has worked out. Especially after the Cowboys' loss to his former team.

After being up by two touchdowns going into the fourth quarter, the Cowboys let the Packers tie it up before the end of regulation and ended up losing in overtime.

Packers fans were quick to destroy McCarthy on Twitter

Feel the burn, Coach McCarthy, feel the burn!

I honestly don't get why McCarthy is still the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, there were some bad calls by the refs in the game that went both ways, but his game-management skills are horrible.

After letting the Packers tie it up to send the game into overtime, the Cowboys got the ball first only to stall on the Packers' 35-yard line. But instead of letting Brett Maher, who has plenty of leg, kick the field goal, McCarthy goes for it on fourth down and fails.

As we all know by now, Green Bay took over and ended up kicking a field goal to win, 31-28.  

Yes, I realize the season is not over yet. But with decision-making skills like this, it sure doesn't look promising. Green Bay, please take your coach back. Thanks.

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