Abilene residents went into the weekend a little shaky as an earthquake rocked the Big Country on Friday, December 16th. The 5.4 earthquake was named the fourth largest in Texas history according to the United States Geological Survey's website.

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Because of Dyess Air Force Base, many Abilene residents thought maybe some B-1's were doing some fly-bys or something. But, nope. It was an earthquake.

According to the USGS, the earthquake was about 12.6 miles northwest of Midland, Texas.

The December 16, 2022, M5.4 Texas earthquake occurred as the result of shallow normal faulting about 22 km north-northwest of the town of Midland, Texas. The earthquake occurred within the interior of the North America plate, far from any tectonic plate boundaries, and is therefore considered an intraplate earthquake. The preliminary focal mechanism solution for the earthquake indicates rupture occurred on a moderately dipping normal fault plane striking either to the northwest or southeast.(via USGS)

I asked my friends on Facebook if they had felt or heard anything and got some definite answers.

Photo: Chaz Facebook
Photo: Chaz Facebook
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

I was actually playing a video game when I felt what I thought was a big truck rolling through my neighborhood. My dog, Maddie started going nuts and running around the house like there was a masked bandit after her food. The wife called and said she felt it in the tanning booth and might be overcooked now.

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Even though the earthquake was northwest of Midland, the aftershocks were felt in El Paso, San Antonio, Dallas, Abilene, and many other Texas cities.

Photo: USGS
Photo: USGS

The USGS went on to report that it is possible that we could feel some aftershocks of that earthquake for the next week. So don't be surprised if you hear or feel a rumble. It might not be Dyess Air Force Base or a bad Taco Bell experience.

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