There was a story that popped up in the past 24 hours on a website called Weekend Herald. It was about a man in Killeen having the world's longest penis. Well, surprise surprise, it is fake.

But that's not my problem with this website. The Weekend Herald presents itself as a factual website. Of course there's The Onion, which if you don't know is a satirical website at this point, turn off the Internet. And even The Daily Current puts on it's website that it's comedy, not real news. But here is what the "About" section says on the Weekend Herald's website:


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I'm perfectly okay with websites that post "fake news" stories, if they're intended to by funny and entertaining. The stories I've found on The Weekend Herald are neither. So maybe, they're just failing miserably at what they are intending to do. Either way, just avoid the Weekend Herald from here on out during your time on the Internet.

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