If you've been thinking about adding a furry four-legged friend to your family then now is the time to take advantage of the lowered adoption fees at Abilene Animal Services.

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That's right, from now through Saturday, January 22nd, the adoption fee for puppies is only $20 at Abilene Animal Services. Not only that, but all adoptions include a rabies voucher, a spay/neuter voucher, a microchip, and the puppy's first set of booster vaccines.

Those two vouchers basically mean that you'll take your new pup to your vet and they'll perform the procedures and the vouchers will be used as payment.

City of Abilene Animal Services Facebook
City of Abilene Animal Services Facebook

The City of Abilene Animal Services office (The Shelter) has been overwhelmed with cat and dog intake lately, so please do what you can to help clear the shelter. We either clear the shelter or some of those cute critters may get euthanized, unfortunately.

Just think about all those awesome puppy breath kisses you'll be getting after you adopt a puppy (or two) from the shelter.

Also, for those with pets already, there is a free microchip and vaccination clinic going on this Saturday, from 8 am until Noon, at Frontier Vet Express.

If you're thinking about adopting a pet a little older than a puppy, then please consider one of these that has been at the shelter for well over 45 days.


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