The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles don't play each other until Christmas Eve but that hasn't stopped the trash-talking between the two NFC East rivals. Cowboys Pro Bowl linebacker, Micah Parsons recently had some comments on Philly quarterback Jalen Hurts, but Eagles offensive lineman Jordan Maliata didn't take too kindly with what Parsons said.

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On a recent episode of the Bleacher Report's "The VonCast", Micah Parsons and Von Miller were discussing why the Eagles were so good this year when the discussion turned into talk about Jalen Hurts being in the running for MVP this year. Parsons seems to take a shot at Hurts.

Eagles offensive lineman Jordan Mailata wasn't too happy with what he thought Parsons might be insinuating and had
some commentsBe warned: there is some NSFW language used. Click play at your own risk. 

Naturally, Cowboys fans took exception to the comments and sounded off on that tweet.

Heck, even some Eagles fans were left scratching their head.

I love it. This is what football is all about. The competitive nature of these players is evident and just goes to show you that the NFC East rival is real and the beast is back in the east.

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We'll see how this plays off when the Cowboys and Eagles go toe to toe on Christmas Eve.

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