Jason Witten spent 17 seasons on the gridiron performing at the tight end position masterfully. In that time, Witten racked up countless awards including Pro Bowl honors, Walter Payton Man of the Year, and more. Now Witten adds high school coach of the year to his legendary resume.

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The former Dallas Cowboys tight end was named Coach of the Year in TAPPS, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools.

Witten led the Liberty Christian Warriors to a 10-2 record in his second season as head coach of the school in Argyle, Texas. The team ended up going to the regional round of the 2022 TAPPS football division II tournament.

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It seems that Witten just has success no matter what he does, with exception of his broadcast career. (Sorry, Witt!)

Witten retired from the NFL and went on to become the lead analyst for ESPN's Monday Night Football. After taking some heat for his broadcast performance, Witten came out of retirement to play another season with the Cowboys. In 2020, Witten played his last season in the NFL with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Liberty Christian High School hired Witten to coach the Warriors where he has thrived as a head coach hence his coach of the year honor.

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me that Witten is having success as a head coach. Granted, it is high school, but I can imagine him climbing the ranks and being back in the NFL as a coach before we know it.

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