Horse racing, especially those in the Triple Crown, is stereotypically an event filled with the rich and pompous. What you don't typically see at a horse race when flipping on the tube is the 'party' that goes on. Judging by this video, it appears The Preakness Stakes wasn't immune to funny drunken behavior.

Looks like a drunk (and his friend) decided to climb on top of a Budweiser truck. As said drunk was climbing down, his foot slipped and he fell flat on his back. So I guess you could say this guy "fell off the wagon".

Bada Bing!

What's really odd is that there are 2 guys in Budweiser shirts, with 'infield staff' on their back, that did absolutely nothing when this guy apparently fell off their truck. Who knows, maybe he was drinking Coors.

The drunk appears to be OK, so you can watch and laugh without guilt.