With Halloween around the corner, it can be a pretty wicked experience for your pet. So, here are some Halloween safety tips that any pet owner should take to heart.

Whether it's Halloween decorations on someone's house as you walk  your dog, or if it's little "ghosts" and "goblins" knocking on your door for candy, it can really be a spooky situation for your pet. So, take a look at these safety tips, and let us know of some other tips you know in the comments section below.

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet

  • Keep Your Pet Indoors - This will help protect your pet from getting spooked or run off chasing an unsuspecting trick or treater or get lost.
  • Don't Feed Them Candy - If your dog is like mine, they will eat anything that comes near their muzzle. You especially don't want to feed them chocolate. And, it's a good idea to not let them have access to your candy bowl.
  • Distract Your Dog - Get them a long lasting chew toy or something that will keep them busy as you repeatedly answer the door to dish out candy.
  • Keep Candles Out of Reach - All it takes is a wagging tail or a spazzed out cat to knock over a candle or jack-o-lantern and start a fire.
  • Exercise Your Dog Earlier - If you usually take them for a walk around dusk, take them a little earlier to avoid being out while trick or treaters are roaming the neighborhood.
  • Costume Safety - If you put a costume on your pet, make sure that it doesn't restrict your pet from breathing or moving around normally. Avoid putting anything on their ears, mouth or nose.
  • Put Your Pet In A Safe Room - My small boxer is very timid and spooks very easily. Especially if she sees someone in a mask. The best way to avoid getting your pet spooked is to put them in a safe room as far away from the front door as possible.
  • Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper I.D. - Sometimes you can do everything to make sure your pet doesn't escape, but once that door opens up, all bets are off. So, make sure your pet has their tags on in case they do get outside.
  • Take Your Pet To The Vet If They Do Eat Candy - You can never be too careful when it comes to what a pet might eat. As I said above, they will pretty much eat anything. So, if they do happen to get a hold of a piece of candy, a wrapper or some other foreign object, take them to the vet immediately.

For more pet safety tips for Halloween, check out this video from the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

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