Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet
With Halloween around the corner, it can be a pretty wicked experience for your pet. So, here are some Halloween safety tips that any pet owner should take to heart.
When is it Appropriate to Tip? [POLL]
We've all experienced that uncomfortable situation of not knowing when to tip. You don't want to feel like a jerk for not tipping but you may not have any spare change to leave as a tip. You're an even bigger jerk if you ask if it's customary to tip because then you look cheap, right? Hopefully, wit…
How To Get Ready For Dallas Cowboy Football – Chaz’s Top 5 Tips
The Dallas Cowboys are coming off, yet, another underachieved year. A year which saw them lose their starting quarterback for several games, a mid-season coaching change, and a 6-10 record. One thing is for sure, is that each year, nothing changes as far as getting ready for a Dallas Cowboys footb…