Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci once wrote "The Spirit Carries On" and now he's turned his attention toward a different kind of spirit as he's just unveiled his new signature bourbon, Rock The Barrel, in collaboration with the Iron Smoke distillery.

"As soon as I tasted Iron Smoke’s Cask Strength, I knew I wanted to partner with this distillery," said Petrucci of the partnership. "I take a craftsmanship approach with everything I do — whether it’s my guitar playing or the people I surround myself with. I care about details and caring to the fullest is what makes something great. Iron Smoke takes the same approach and that is why we forged what we consider the perfect relationship."

"The name, Rock the Barrel, is perfect because it gives you a sense of the experience you will have when this smoky goodness slides over your taste buds. Being from New York myself, I love how they go to family farms to get ingredients and age their bourbon in barrels from our great state," he added.

Iron Smoke Distillery CEO and founder Tony Brunett exclaimed, "We take the craft of making whiskey just as seriously as John takes appreciating a truly good bourbon. This collaboration is proof of that—120 proof! To join an award-winning distillery with one of the world’s greatest guitarists—it’s an amazing combination. There’s nothing like the age-old combo of bourbon and rock 'n' roll! They go together like Elvis on velvet and we are more excited than a pack of weasels in a hen house!"

Fans looking to imbibe in this special bottle of bourbon will have to act quickly. Rock the Barrel will be released on May 3 (12PM ET) in an "extremely limited batch" and is available through online purchase only in the United States. The 120 proof bottle (60 percent ABV) will retail at $200 with a limit of two bottles per customer.

Each bottle comes with a limited edition "All Access Laminate" which includes a redeemable merchandise code for a T-shirt discount as well as access to a live tasting with Petrucci and Brunett.

Learn more at the Iron Smoke Distillery website and watch an introductory video on Rock the Barrel directly below.

John Petrucci Unveils His Signature 'Rock the Barrel' Bourbon

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