While doing a remote broadcast at RNR Tire Express in Abilene this past weekend, I noticed something you don't see every day - a deer cruising down Loop 322 like it had somewhere important to go.

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I was set up at RNR, just kicking back by the station car when I saw a pickup truck on the access road trying to access the highway without using an on-ramp. While I was questioning this driver's actions, a deer suddenly appeared in the passing lane on the northbound side of the highway trotting along like it had just braved the huge line at Chic A Filet.

Although it's not exactly rare to see deer and other livestock on Texas highways, I still was a bit surprised to look up and see a deer high-tailing it down the highway.

I have to say, the deer was doing an amazing job of staying in its lane. I think I might have even seen it use a turn signal, something that is a rarity in Abilene.

I watched as the truck that was merging onto the highway followed close behind the deer, protecting it from other cars. I thought, "eh, that deer will be okay" and continued with my remote.

Unfortunately, after my broadcast was over, I headed back to the studio when I came across the lifeless deer. It had been hit by someone and left on the side of the road.

I'll be honest, it made me feel pretty crappy for the animal. I'm not what you call a huge animal activist. I love my dogs and cats - and animals in general - but I'm not the type of person who takes issues with people hunting and things like that. So I was a little taken aback by how I was feeling about a deer.

While it was comical to see a deer cruising the highway, it was sad to see the end result. But, that is life in Texas. You never know what you're going to see on the Texas roads.

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