Do you ever sit at home at night knowing that Dave Matthews Band is out there somewhere in the world playing live and wondering which songs they are rocking? Did you miss last night’s Dave show and need to know what the set list looked like? Thanks to the new DMB Live Setlist app now available via the Windows Phone Marketplace, you have no need to worry.

Whenever DMB are performing, Live Setlist will give you up-to-the-minute info on what tunes they are playing. Even if you are using your phone for something else, it will use the power of Push Notifications to alert you the instant a new number is busted out live. Similarly, the Windows exclusive Live Tile functionality will pop up and let you know about each and every song as Dave and the Band play it — even when you don’t have the application open.

All this for just 99 cents? We don’t want to sound like were shilling for Dave, but for the fanatical Band fan it’s a pretty good deal. And with the boys currently on the road after a nearly year-long hiatus, now is the perfect time to get it and never again have to worry about missing a new song being played five straight nights in a row. And with new album ‘Away From the World’ due in September, that is a sincere concern.