Dave Matthews Band fans have been victims of constant teasing recently, as the band’s official website has been frequently posting potential covers for the band’s forthcoming eighth album, ‘Away From the World.’ But what definitely seems to be the confirmed final cover piece reportedly has finally surfaced over at Amazon. And to eagle-eyed viewers, the cover may definitely look somewhat familiar.That’s because none other than Dave Matthews himself drew the cover. Matthews, who also was the man behind DMB’s last album, ‘Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King,’ certainly has developed a unique style over the years, and it’s on display on both ‘Big Whiskey’ and the new one, ‘Away From the World.’

“With nine boxes all containing a uniquely stressed individual, it strikes up a lot of speculation as to what exactly each one is going through, and how that might relate to the songwriting for this release,” the DMB fan site antsmarching.org points out about the cover, which was a distinctly subdued color scheme of faded tans, yellows, oranges and purples. It’s certainly not the brightest cover art ever.

In the meantime, ‘Away From the World’ currently can be pre-ordered in deluxe, super deluxe and several other editions — along with ‘World’-themed T-shirts and more — here ahead of the album’s Sept. 11 release date.